What just happened to video on the web?

What just happened to video on the web?

What just happened to video on the web?

We are extremely excited to announce that DV Kitchen, the ultimate solution for publishing professional quality video on the web, is available immediately!

Click here to find out all about it and watch the new movies!

DV Kitchen’s primary focus is encoding and uploading broadcast quality, internet-friendly-bandwidth video to a website, blog, forum, or for a video podcast. You can import movies, encode them, and upload them in as few as two clicks!


  • Spectacular quality video encoding
  • Integrated FTP uploading
  • SampleLab™
  • TimeFreezer™
  • Bitrate Budget Calculator
  • Batch image resizing, encoding and uploading
  • Automatic HTML tag and complete page generation
  • 20 day free trial, purchase from within the application

Download the free trial and you’ll be cookin’ up some delicious video within minutes!
dvcCast! is discontinued, and we are very happy to say DV Kitchen is a FREE UPGRADE for all owners of dvcCast! No typo, that’s FREE as in NO CHARGE. (Hey, no one ever said we don’t take of our customers 🙂 )

(To upgrade, just download the free trial and run it.)

DV Kitchen has all dvcCast!’s features, then adds a bunch. Check out the FAQ for the highlights.

Click here for the main DV Kitchen page, with the overview movie, and links to all the other pages and movies.


  1. Daniel 14 years ago

    Thanks for your informative website. Have a question: I have a 60 minute FCP lecture video with one row of titles repeated throughout the program. I want to convert it to FLV for viewing and downloading on the net. After only a 20 minute render, I used QuickTime Conversion to export the project into the FLV format. The “Estimated time” window reads 11 hours!! Why is that? I’ve been waiting all night and it’s still 5 hours left for a simple 60 minute projects with minor titles. What am I doing wrong? Will DV Kitchen reduce this time to no more than a couple hours??? I have 10 videos I want to post on my site for download. Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Josh 14 years ago

    Download the free trial, and test a short excerpt (maybe 10-30 seconds). This will allow you to both know how long your particular computer will take to encode an hour, and also see DV Kitchen’s stunning quality.

    Also remember you can encode to H.264 and play in a Flash player.

  3. Alex 14 years ago

    Loving the trial of DVKitchen, but is it possible to publish HD flash videos (embed) using DVKitchen?

    Thanks for such an informative and beneficial site!

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