What's the difference between DVD replication and duplication?

What's the difference between DVD replication and duplication?

This answer from Frank Datzer at Allied Vaughn:

DVD duplication is done by using towers of burners to duplicate large amounts of DVDs at a time. This produces exact copies or DVD-Rs of your original. Replication actually uses a glass master to “stamp” new DVDs. This method dramatically lowers the price per unit at high volumes — 1000 DVD will run about $1.25 each from a DVD-R master.

This includes all glass mastering fees and 5 color silk screening on the disc (5th color is a white background or “flood” coat.

DVD duplication machines with ink-jet printers can be a good idea if you only need a couple dozen…they can be expensive to run – ink runs out quickly and the design is not waterproof – no sweaty hands! Kind of slow too — dependent on the amount of data on the disc.

Frank Datzer
Allied Vaughn


  1. John Feeney 15 years ago

    Let us not over-look the most important part – quality. When dealing with a replication (1,000 )project, especially DVDs you’ll be able to seperate the competition.

    Ink jet is “sprayed” ink period. Insert/Panels/Tray Cards are OFFSET
    printed not run through some laser jet with “all most” Offset quality.

    Creating a glass-master enhances the process, CIRC pre-tests your master in finding additional errors most “duplicators” overlook.

    We find the biggest choice clients have is a 10 day turn-time. That we put on clients for ill-preperation. Rush charges are applicable because services like Allied Vaugh have a reputation to maintain within the industry. It only shows their commitment to quality.

  2. Shep2112 15 years ago

    How old is this article? Dual Layer DVD-R 9 drives have been around for a few years now.


  3. Josh 15 years ago

    Thanks Shep, I edited the article to correct it. It was written in 2003 I think 🙂

  4. Frank Datzer 14 years ago

    I was surprised to see this OLD article. I now own Disc Cloners Plus a Milwaukee based DVD and CD duplication company. We do duplication for many of the Midwest’s most successful companies.
    We began business in 2006 so this shows how old this article is – we have done over 400,000 duplicated DVDs in that time an have had 0 rejects. Our replication prices are now under .85 per unit for replication. If you need DVD or CD duplication or replication call or email us – 414.446.4954 or frank@discclonersplus.com

  5. Josh 14 years ago

    Thanks for the update, Frank. I will give you a call in the next few days.

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