Where can I find stock photos for use in video projects?

Where can I find stock photos for use in video projects?

When moving footage is not available, don’t forget about still photos! You can animate still photos with motion and scale, crop them, apply filters (like sepia, B & W, color tint) and sometimes stills can fill empty spots in your timeline as well or even better than a video clip. Also, many stock photos are automatically HD res!


Here is a monster list of sites with free photos:

Wikipedia Commons
Stock Exchange
Image After
Free Photos Bank
Earth from Space
Picture Station
Geek Philosopher
Free Images
Pixel Perfect Digital
Image Base
Amazing Textures
Texture Warehouse
Free Photo Station
Creativity 103
The Photo Repository
Aarin Free Photo
Four Bees
Insect Images
Free media Goo
Burning Well
A digital Dreamer
Modern Litho
Majestic Imagery

Public_domain_image_resources @ wikipedia.org
Long page of links to websites hosting public domain images.

Some 20,000 free images. You are not allowed to build (commercial) online databases or galleries.

Photoshop Tutorials Blog
An extensive list of over 50 free stock photos resources.

Yoto Photo
yotophoto is a search engine for finding free photos. The nice thing about it is that it searches multiple photo collection sites, so it may make a good starting point when you’re looking for something specific.


Self-proclaimed leading FREE stock photo site

morgue file
This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.

Pixel Perfect
PixelPerfect Digital is an image archive with over 4,000 images sorted in 146 categories free for commercial and non-commercial use. The newest files appear on the gallery home page and randomly selected images on the bottom of the page. You can stay on top of the newest files by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Open Photo
The Open Photo Project is a stock photo community and framework devised, implemented and supervised by Michael Jastremski. Its purpose is to allow photographers to share and protect their works through Creative Commons licensing where you can view photo thumbnails by license.

Image After
Image*After is a free online photo collection. Download and use any image or texture from the site to use in person or commercial work per the terms of use. At the top is a drop-down list for browsing images and textures by category or you can use the search box. This well-organized library can be sorted in different ways and the thumbnail pages include the image’s dimensions, number of hits and file size. Plus, you can select how many images to display on each page and even make the thumbnails larger by clicking on the magnifying glass.

PDPhoto.org is a repository for free public domain photos. It contains about 2,000 photographs under a many categories. One person has taken most of the photos.

Stockvault is a stock photo resource which offers medium-sized images for personal and non-commercial use. Stockvault has evolved from stock.b-man.dk and features images from various photographers, both professional and amateur.

Buzznet.com is an online photo-sharing community that allows its members (registration free) to upload images from mobile phones, and post, syndicate and republish digital photos in their blogs. For RSS feeds, look at the bottom of each user page, gallery, community gallery and friends listing.

Flickr.com, bought by Yahoo, is one of the best ways to store, search, sort and share your photos. This online software application and image resource has super features and a community of world contributors, plus it’s s easy to use. Each person publishing images on Flickr can select and specify the type of licensing to be applied to those pictures — from fully reserved copyright to any of the Creative Commons licenses. So look carefully for the explicit author permissions specified on each individual photo page.

Ourmedia is a (still in alpha) non-commercial free clearinghouse for all rich-media content for sharing, re-use and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Jupiter Images.

Multimedia @ all the web

Pro Corbis

galerie photos @ l’internaute

Self-proclaimed largest collection of free photographs for private non commercial use.

Creative Commons Search
The Creative Commons Search engine specializes in finding different content on the Web, which have been published with a Creative Commons license allowing re-use, and in some cases even modifying the work.

Gimp Savvy photo archive
The photo archive at Gimp-Savvy.com contains over 27,000 free photos and images. The images come from three sources: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Though the photos are copyright free, be aware some restrictions apply.

DHD Multimedia Gallery
This isn’t a fancy site, but its photos are free for personal and commercial use. However, be sure to read its terms and conditions. You can browse collections by category, new entries and best photos. Each photo includes information on the date added to the collection, size, image type and rating. Also, the photo details page has the photo’s copyright information.

Free Photographs Network
Free Photographs Network is a resource for royalty-free stock photographs available for non-commercial use. If you use any of the photographs from the site, you’re agreeing to abide by international copyright law. Its terms of service outlines the rules for using the photos from the site. You can browse collections by category or use the search tool.

Free Stock Photos
FreeStockPhotos.com is a resource for free photography for personal or commercial use. There are some restrictions in using photos from the site such as retaining the domain name when using the photo on the Internet, in a Web page, in printed publications or in any product, advertising or packaging. Categories include animals, Christian, Egypt, Israel, Near East, Rome, scenery, sky/weather and wildflower/plants.

Free Images UK
FreeImages.co.uk has over 2500 stock photos. To ensure following the Web site’s rules for using its images, read the terms and conditions to ensure following the Web site’s rules for using its images. The home page lists the top three galleries, which is currently the home, financial, and flora.

Free Images.com
FreeImages.com has over 2300 stock photos. Note this one is FreeImages.com and it’s not the same site as the one from the UK. You can read the terms and conditions to verify the rules for using the site’s photos.

Big Foto
bigfoto.com is a repository of photos organized by categories and sub-categories. Each sub-category has a brief description about the category. The main categories are America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pacific, Themes and Miscellaneous.

Geek Philosopher
Geek Philosopher has a collection of photos, backgrounds and wallpaper organized in nine main categories with subcategories. If you use an image, the site requires you to include a link to GeekPhilosopher. According to the site, you are free to do whatever you want with these photos except redistribute them.

Barry’s free photos
Barry’s Free Photos has over 2300 free and royalty-free stock photos organized by many categories and subcategories.

Holyland photos
Holy Land Photos has over 2400 photos related to the holy lands. The photos represent a diversity of religions with photos sorted into three categories: daily life and artifacts, people and region. Regions cover Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, Turkey and Greece.

Aar In Free Photo
Aarin Free Photo and Digital Images offers over 950 free photos and images for personal and commercial use. You may download and use the images on your Web site, print ads, brochures or any other end products as long as you display the copyright information per the Web site.

Photo Rogue
Photo Rogue has a unique concept — if you can’t find a picture you need, submit a request to Photo Rogue and you might see your request fulfilled. The site relies on volunteer photographers. Before submitting a request, review the Guidelines. While the service is free, there are no terms on the site regarding the use of photos.

Free Photos
FreePhotos.com offers over 1000 royalty free photos with no usage restrictions for Web site or print work use. The site doesn’t ask for reciprocal links or credits.

Free Stock Photos
Free-StockPhotos.com is a collection of (what else?) free stock photos available for use in personal and commercial design projects as long as the terms of use are followed.

tOfz dot org is one photographer’s collection of everyday urban life. Jeremie Zimmerman, the person behind the site, sorts his photos by location and categories. He shares his favorites. The site uses the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Creative Commons license and free art license (Copyleft Attitude) from License Art Libre. This site is available in English and French. A small, but respectable collection.

Free Media goo
FreeMediaGOO has a collection of royalty free images, audio, textures, and Flash available for commercial and private user free of charge except for propaganda, adult or suggestive materials. Credit for the images is not necessary.

AMG Media Works, Inc. Free Photos
AMG Media Works Inc. is a design and photography service company that offers free stock photos for your use as long as you give credit to the photographer, Ernest von Rosen.

US Agricultural Research Service
The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) image gallery is a complimentary collection of over 2,000 high quality digital photographs related to agriculture.

Creating Online
Creating Online Stock Photos Gallery is a free stock photo gallery of over 500 photos, most of which have been taken by Pamela Auer Roth. Photos are free for personal or commercial use as explained in the Terms of Use.

Woophy has a collection of over 23,000 photos from around the world and over 4300 cities are represented. You can search by city, country, category keywords or member to find photos. The categories are animals, culture, landmarks & buildings, objects and people.

Image Base
ImageBase is a collection of over a few hundred photos on nature, people, city, and objects taken by presumably one person, David Niblack. Though a small database in comparison to others, you can expect to find quality photos here. The site clearly states that “all images are 100% free to use.”

Free Stock Photos from Cepolina Photos
Free Stock Photos from Cepolina Photos contains over 1900 photos by three photographers covering mostly nature and geography.The photos are free (see FAQs for details) as long as the site is credited and that you don’t link directly to the images of the web site as that’s stealing bandwidth.

From Old Books
Pictures from Old Books is a unique collection of over 800 images scanned from old books that are public domain (copyright-free or out of copyright) unless otherwise noted. The site has many pictures of castles, abbeys and old houses.

Majestic Imagery
Majestic Imagery has a collection of over 400 royalty free photos organized by categories. The terms of use require that those who use photos give proper credit with a link back to the site.

Photocase contains a repository of photos and a community that includes forums, polls, buddy lists and user profiles. Photos from this site may be used for commercial and noncommercial self-contained original work. You can download up to three photos per day.

Visipix is an art museum, clip art, and photo gallery with around 100,000 exhibits. If you publish the photos, the site requires crediting the authors and Vispix.com somewhere near the pictures. Per the copyright page, all copyrights are free. However, they can’t be used in the sex industry or in the promotion of tobacco and alcohol.

BurningWell.org is a repository of over 1400 public domain images for your use. You’re allowed to download, copy and use the photos for any purpose. Photos from from photographers around the world. The site has eight top-level albums (categories) and 27 in total ranging from activities to textures.

Art Favor.com
ArtFavor has a collection of vector and flash clipart, sounds, fonts, photos, pictures and images that the site indicates, “All artwork and sounds are absolutely free and you can use them in commercial applications.” You can download files in their original or zipped format.

Freedigitalphotos.net has over 2000 free images for use in commercial and non-commercial work so long as you don’t claim the works as your own, redistribute them or offer them for sale.

Travel the world in pajamas with Ixuz Travel, which is dedicated to collecting photos from around the world. The site has a Korean version of its pages. Currently, the collection has over 2700 pictures sorted in 85 albums and 18 categories.

High quality & free photos

Absolut Vision


Totally Photos


Pixel Load

Media lytecube

Wikipedia:Public domain image resources


Free Images – Free Stock Photos
More than 2500 original stock photos all for free. Image categories include technology & transport, backdrop photos, objects, lights, seasonal, medical, home, building and travel, space, planets & stars, sport and games, workplace, and food & cooking.
PacHD Free Images
Free images and pictures for multimedia productions. Categories include abstract, food, flowers, miscellaneous, nature and scenic, household, technology and world travel images.
Stock.XCHNG Free Image Site
SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their images to the public free of charge. Image categories include abstract, architecture, business, computers, concepts, food, objects, people, places, seasonal and events, signs, streets and cityscapes, transportation, and world.
All images are free and they can be used in your commercial projects without permission or credit from the photographer (although selling prints, selling the images directly or claiming the photo is yours is prohibited).
PD Photo
PDPhoto.org is a repository for free public domain photos. Unless something is clearly marked as being copyrighted, you can assume it is free to use. But if you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that standards for such use are higher. Specifically, you should assume no model release was obtained. And images featuring products or property should be used with care.
BigFoto – Pictures Free Download
Images from all around the world: America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pacific. Themes category includes human, background, aviation, close up, fountains, sculptures, graffiti, fireworks, amusement, christmas, garbage, architecture, food, railway, and ships.
Image After
A large online free image collection. You can download and use any image or texture from their site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial. Image categories include architecture, art, blurs, industry, mechanics, (animals, insects, land, sea, humanoids, human parts, elements, extinct, food, landscapes, minerals, plants, trees, underwater), objects, scripts, vehicles.
Free digital stock photographs and reference pictures for business or public use on your website or any printed material. You may use the images for free but you must have a link back to their site and if used in printed version a mention of phototakeout.com as source is required.
Pixel Perfect Digital
Offers free high resolution images, textures, backgrounds, illustrations, digital art and stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects.
Free Photo Archive: Public Domain Photos and Images
Copyright-free image archive containing the largest community-indexed collection of free, public domain images and photos. It has more than 27,000 free photos and images from three main sources NASA, NOAA, and FWS.
Free Foto
You can use any of the images on the site if you are a private individual and your use is not commercial. You must credit the FreeFoto.com web site on your home page. Read the conditions of free use. Categories include business, transport, europe, cities in UK and USA.
Free Stock Photos
Free Photography for personal or commercial use. Read the restrictions on the main page.
Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Categories include animals, architecture, art, countries, dinosaurs, flags, food, geography, history, holidays, literature, living, maps, monuments, national parks, music, objects, oceans, plants, science, signs, space, toys, transportation, and weather.



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