Where can I find Hollywood movie Scripts?

Where can I find Hollywood movie Scripts?


  1. duncan 15 years ago

    Here’s another site where I’ve found film and TV scripts:



  2. onkar singh 13 years ago

    i interest to write movie script for hollywood ,still working on few.one near about is finished .but i don’nt know how to sell neither my script should appear.would you help me as i am new in this free

  3. Marlo Manfredonia 13 years ago

    Yeah i great post. I totally agree with you here. Do you know the eyes movie? I recently saw it at a pre screening and its pretty unknown. You can checkt out the trailer here.

  4. Ian Petrelli 12 years ago

    I’ve used http://tvandmoviescripts.com many times and always had a faultless service. They seem to be updating at the moment but this can only be for the good. Always a great choice of scripts and delivered by PDF directly to you inbox. Excellent.

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