Where can I get royalty-free music for my projects?

Where can I get royalty-free music for my projects?


  1. tim 17 years ago

    I always use a place called SoundtrackArcade.com. VERY cool site. The guy who runs it is a big producer for major label artists and his stuff is really great. Reasonably priced too.

  2. Slicktracks.com 16 years ago

    Slicktracks.com have some really unique royalty free tracks in different genres. Very reasonably priced. Listen to the MP3 previews.

  3. Vivian 16 years ago

    Hi There,

    Opuzz.com – 100% royalty free music has over 100 CDs with new releases every month. You have the option of immediate downloads for individual music track starting from $2.99. Excellent music use in videos, broadcast, film, web, multimedia, corporate use and more.

    Here are some of our featured tracks for this moment.

  4. Charlesky 16 years ago


    I highly recommand

    they havequality royalty free music

  5. Colin Willsher 16 years ago


    We’ve just launched our brand new website now featuring downloads for the first time as well as our ever-popular, cost-effective themed CDs. We’ve developed a new search engine which allows more flexibility than ever befire and also takes account of the great degree of crossover there is in music styles today.

    Come and listen, we think you’ll find some great material for your next project.


  6. Colin Willsher 16 years ago

    Doh, can’t edit the post!

    Make that:

  7. Andrew 16 years ago

    We have a large library of quality music for use by visual creators from composers all over the world. We also can do custom edits, full scores, sound design, audio-sweetening and final mixes and mastering.

    take a look/listen at http://300monks.com

  8. Gemafreie-welten.de 16 years ago

    http://www.gemafreie-welten.de is one of the leading provider for Royalty Free Music and
    Soundeffects here in Germany. We offer about 1000 Songs from different Artist and various Sounds/Atmos for Websites, Games, Commercials.

  9. Ashwin 15 years ago

    I think http://www.freeplaymusic.com/ is a great royalty free music website. Lets you narrow down search results by style and feel. Downloading is fast and easy. They usually have both the formats for Macs and PCs.

  10. japser 15 years ago

    Have a look at http://www.smartass-royalty-free-music.com
    They’re new so there aren’t thousands of tracks but it’s seriously good quality and both WAV and MP3 downloads. Really good prices too!

  11. Ben Messer 14 years ago

    I’m surprised http://www.productiontrax.com wasn’t mentioned on that first list- it’s definitely one of the best sites for royalty-free music and sound effects, and they now offer stock footage and photography as well.

  12. redharry 14 years ago

    hi there,
    here are 2 very good websites for free music too :

  13. Jtribe 13 years ago

    I find lots of these royalty free stock sites a bit confusing – This one is super straight forward and has good quality stock music: http://www.stockmusicboutique.com

  14. Capo Productions 13 years ago


    I’m a music composer from Montreal Canada and I offer royalty free music, visit my site for more info: http://sites.google.com/site/capoproductions/


  15. I have lots of royalty free orchestral/classical music available for only £2 per track visit http://www.cameronmusic.co.uk for more info


  16. Sheela 13 years ago

    Hey, I came across this website, http://www.jewelbeat.com that offers royalty free music,sound effects and musical effects that are pretty cool and they’re offering them for FREE. I got to know
    that they are launching their JewelBeat music library in summer 2010. A good place indeed
    to get what you need.

  17. Chris Cardell 13 years ago

    MusicRevolution (www.musicrevolution.com) is the Internet’s production music marketplace. We provide media producers, businesses and other music buyers with great royalty-free production, or stock, music at affordable prices for TV/radio broadcast, film, corporate video, retail & website background music, on-hold music, and other business music applications. As an online marketplace, MusicRevolution provides professional and aspiring musicians with the opportunity to license their music while learning from and collaborating with the best in the music community.

  18. Avidator 13 years ago

    Thanks Sheela for the post about http://www.jewelbeat.com
    Tonnes of free royalty free music to use. Great background music on those video samples. Great resource.

  19. addloops 12 years ago

    Hi Josh, I would highly recommend to visit http://www.addloops.com because you will find a well sorted catalogue of royalty free music.

  20. OlexandrIgnatov 8 years ago

    Fast, effective premium quality music production for media that works. Visit http://j.mp/rfmarket

    You’ll receive more than you expect!

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