Where can I get free sound FX?

Where can I get free sound FX?


  1. Plagasul 15 years ago

    Freesound is indeed the best of those so far.


    More than 350000 sounds and growing

    All of them under a Creative Commons license, so no worries about copyright as long as you attribute the author

    You can use the sounds in commercial and non commercial products *

    Indeed the best search engine, imo

    A big community of more than 400000 users and growing at a rate of 800 per day

    more than 2 million downloads

    All this in 2 years of existence

    So, when you read one of those “largest sound database of the web”, well… you know… link them to Freesound 😉


    *(except for advertising of a product that is not made with those sounds


    -is ok to use a sound in an ad for a music album that contains songs where this sound is used, or a game, or a website, or a podcast, or a movie etc…

    -but not ok to use a sound in an ad for McDonalds or any commercial product wich does not contains the sound in it )

  2. SFXsource 14 years ago

    Free Sound Effects and Loops has completely free sound effects at http://www.freesoundeffectsandloops.com

  3. aos 14 years ago

    http://www.freesoundeffectsandloops.com has totally free .wav file sound effects and music loops to download and http://www.sfxsource.com has royalty free sound effects and production music

  4. Alan 11 years ago

    I’d recommend http://www.freesfx.co.uk – has 1000s of free sound effects!

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