Why should I use a boompole?

Why should I use a boompole?

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  1. Wendy 13 years ago

    A boom pole allows you to get your mic as close to your actors as possible whilst filming, by holding it above the frame. With the right sort of mic, for example a shotgun mic like the Sennheiser K6 or the RODE NTG, it is probably the best way of capturing the best quality audio, without background noise, that you can.

    Another option is to use lapel mics for your actors, but depending upon your cast this can add up to be quite expensive. One of the few situations a boom pole won’t be useful, and possibly the most likely option, is if you have a really long shot but still want to record dialogue. In this case your best (budget) bet is either to use lapel mics or to simply record the audio in another closer take and cut between the two. This means that you can match up the lips with the audio as best you can and cut to the second take which will have the perfect lip sync.
    Hope this helps!
    wendy xx

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