With Branded Social Video Marketing – Content, Shorter Is Better

With Branded Social Video Marketing – Content, Shorter Is Better

Everyone’s looking for ways to take their video and make it more social. No one is after traditional views anymore–haven’t you heard? Social views are where it’s at. A viewer is just that… someone who views. A social viewer, however, is someone who views your video and then shares it with friends and family over Facebook, email, or Twitter. Social views are more powerful because of their influence and ability to lead to more views.

A new study out today from the Jun Group shows that shorter videos are more likely to be shared by viewers than longer clips, Facebook is the preferred method of sharing, and consumer packaged goods are leading the way in the world of branded social video.

The Jun Group calls themselves “the premier social video company.” They use proprietary technology to deliver video views through social channels–so in other words, they find your video an audience. And they were apparently behind the infamous “Kobe Jumps Over A Speeding Car” viral hit.

Jun Group says that people share videos on Facebook 218% more than they do through Twitter and email combined. And frankly, if true, that’s just incredible. I would have guessed that email was still widely used for sharing–we in the tech sector often forget how many tens of millions there are in the world who are not advanced computer users. Heck, we forget about the 5.5 billion people on Earth who are not Facebook members.

But Jun Group says that a whopping 76% of social video is shared through Facebook, compared to 15% through email and 9% through Twitter.

Compared to other branded video, companies in the consumer packaged goods arena are the top dogs. They drive 19% more social video views than consumer electronics, retail, and media/entertainment brands combined.

via With Branded Social Video Marketing – Content, Shorter Is Better.

So the challenge is, how can you create compelling, entertaining, engaging content… In 15-seconds or less?
I’m sure a lot of DVcreators are in the mood to show some examples that will answer that question, so please feel free to post some of your short (15-seconds or less) videos here!


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