How to Capture XBox 360 footage to your computer.

One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve had here at DVeStore lately is: “How can I capture footage from my XBox 360 onto my computer?” Well here’s the answer: The Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro!

Insert this PCIe card into your desktop Mac or PC, install the software, and plug your XBox into the card via the HDMI input. That’s it! You can capture your gameplay in real-time, and the recording quality is HD.

The Blackmagic also offers an HDMI out, so you can still have your game running on your TV and be recording at the same time, with no noticeable latency!

Want to show off how great you are at Halo? Want to send your XBox Live buddies videos of you killing them? Maybe you want to prove that high score you got: Whatever the reason, the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro is your solution for recording your XBox 360 gameplay!

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro

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Our Price: $199.00


  1. nGAGE 13 years ago

    Could one also use this card for PC HD capture, meaning playing on the same system that is capturing?
    Or if direct encoding isn’t possible, will it allow from graphic’s card’s DVI/HDMI to capture-card’s HDMI-in and then to HDTV? And if so, without majorly stressing the system? Coz I’m kind of sick of software capture causing huge loss in FPS while recording.

    Would love to hear from you about this!

  2. Kyle 13 years ago

    will this work on a laptop?

    • f d 13 years ago

      it’s a PCI-E card, so I doubt it would work on a labtop

  3. Angelo 13 years ago

    ok… All I would want to do is record my games for the xbox 360. but when I saw the video you had your cables going into one of those big box things. I use a mac too but I don’t have a box thing. Could I still use this software? What I mean by box thing is not the moniter but the computer itself. i use an imac. I don’t have a box thing.

    • f d 13 years ago

      No, you don’t need the “box thing”

      • wyly lincoln 13 years ago

        can u make a video on how to set it up

        i have this same commetn on the youtube vido so if you could reply to my comment on there that would be great

        heres my account so u can send me the link


  4. I searched for this info about the xbox. a long time, thanks. 🙂

  5. jacob82 13 years ago

    Q: I want to know can i play in hd and record at the same time with no controller lag

  6. Ash 13 years ago

    I have the older xbox360 wit the analogue component plugs. I also have the mac pro with the intensity pro running on snow leopard with the newest drivers of the black magic web site installed.

    What should my settings be on the xbox and on the mac to capture and pass trough to a hdmi tv to also play?

    I tried connecting the component cables to the component in cables of the intensity analogue cables. And connected the hdmi-out of the intensity to the tv.
    The xbox is set in 720p. And the black magic control panel is set on input from analogue (r-y etc.) Output set on hdmi.

    But with this setup I don’t see any thing in the media recorder of black magic and also no video on the tv.
    When I record the video file only records a black screen.

    I dint know what I’m doing wrong.
    I checked with final cut and I can see my videos shown on tv.

    But not when I use the xbox and te blackmagic software.

    I hope someone can help me out here.


    • guy 13 years ago

      If you plug the Xbox via Analogue Component directly into the TV does it work?
      Try 1080i on the Xbox, also double check your Preferences in the Blackmagic Capture utility.

      • Ash 13 years ago

        Hi Guy,

        Thanks for replying.
        The analogue component direclty into TV works just fine. It works on 720P, 1080i and 1080P without any problems.

        I just switched the output of the xbox to 1080i.
        IN the black magic prefferences the output is set to HDMI. the input is set to the analogue input.

        I still get a black screen in black magic express.
        Also, it doesn’t output to the tv (no signal), while in final cut, I can output to tv without a problem.
        It’s almos like the software isn’t communicating with the hardware or something.

        I hope I’m missing something.


  7. Adrian 13 years ago

    Can this work for a PS3?

  8. Christian 13 years ago

    Can we record anything other than just the output from the Xbox 360? While also using the HDMI output. I was wondering if capturing from the just the screen is available too, ie. TV shows, movies. I understand you people wouldn’t promote breaking copyritten laws but I just want to know if that scenario could be possible…

  9. Scott 13 years ago

    Is there possibly any refund for an unwanted card. I don’t have room for it on my PC and I was curious if there was a way i could send it back for a reimbursement.


    • Kyle 13 years ago

      Scott how much would you be willing to sell your “unwanted” card for i am interested in getting one and was wondering if you would be willing to sell it

  10. Jeremy 13 years ago

    I have one of the older xbox360 consoles that does not have the HDMI out. does this card able to receive the HD AV cords??

  11. Kyle M 13 years ago

    Could you do a video on how to install the card..the instructions are hard to follow..

  12. Chrisitian Forrester 13 years ago

    how good does ur PC have to be to handle the Black Magic Intensity Pro?

  13. Olof 13 years ago

    I have the intensety pro but it can’t play back or record my xbox in HD

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